Amethyst Stone

A mesmerizing purple stone, Amethyst is a symbol of serenity and wisdom. A virtuous stone found on the jewels of the British royal crown, Amethyst is rich in values and history. Discover the fascinating history of this crystal and the benefits of its soothing energies on the body and mind.

Amethyst Stone Benefits

  • Calms anxieties and angers
  • Favors creativity and imagination
  • Brings mental calm
  • Helps to overcome addictions
  • Purifies the rooms of your house
  • Assists in the relaxation of muscles
  • Relieves headaches

Where did the name of the Amethyst stone come from?

The name of this semi-precious stone is of Greek origin. Methystos means drunkenness, the prefix -a indicates deprivation. Amethyst therefore refers to sobriety. But why is the name of this mineral linked to the absence of drunkenness?

In Greek mythology, Amethystos is the name of a nymph. Dionysus, god of wine and drunkenness wanted her but she wished to remain pure and refused his demands. The goddess Artemis transformed Amethystos into a hard and cold crystal, thus protecting her from the bad intentions of Dionysus. Mad of anger, Dionysus spilled his glass of wine on this crystal. This one took then a color of an intense purple.

Amethyst Stone History & Origin

The Greeks and Romans knew this mythological story well. That is why they drank from amethyst cups to prevent drunkenness. In ancient times, the Egyptians also used this stone to bring rain in case of drought. Symbol of abundance and luck, Amethyst was a sign of good fortune if it appeared in dreams for the Hebrew people.

For Christians, Amethyst became a symbol of purity and humility when Joseph offered a ring set with an Amethyst to Mary. This stone also symbolizes love. Saint Valentine, the priest at the origin of the festival of lovers, wore an Amethyst around his neck. Another meaning for Christians, that of fidelity. Indeed, the Bishops of the Vatican wear a ring decorated with an Amethyst. This jewel symbolizes their devotion to the Church, and the symbolism linked to the Amethyst reinforces this union.

During the Italian Renaissance, Leonardo da Vinci used Amethyst to dispel his negative thoughts. This stone also allowed him to boost his innovative intellect. He described the use of this stone in one of his notebooks.

In the past, the main deposits of Amethyst were located in India. Today, Amethyst deposits can be found all over the world. The major ones being in Brazil and Uruguay. 

Amethyst stone composition

From the silicate group, Amethyst is a fine stone. Its chemical formula is SiO2, silicon dioxide. On the Mohs scale its hardness is 7 and its density is 2.65. This purple quartz gets its color from iron and other elements that compose it, but also from irradiation.

It is possible to find Amethyst of red color. These contain inclusions of hematite. Beyond 250°, this stone can lose its intense color and turn yellow.

Amethyst stone properties

Physical properties

The energies of this mineral relax muscles contracted by stress or pressure. Mainly tensions in the neck and shoulders. In case of migraines, Amethyst helps to reduce pain and balances the body sensations. It is a stone that is also used to activate the healing of the skin.

To reduce gastric acidity, Amethyst helps to eliminate more quickly the harmful elements of the body. It helps to fight against addictions related to tobacco or alcohol by freeing the body from this addiction.

Amethyst has virtues of purification, of places as well as people. Placed in a room of the house, it makes the atmosphere calm and serene. It is a carrier of positive energies. Worn as jewelry, it cleanses the body of bad things we may eat. But it also works for our bad thoughts, which can act on our digestion.

Psychic properties

In lithotherapy, Amethyst is considered a stone of passage. This means that it accompanies departing souls and helps the living to overcome the ordeal of mourning. In case of separation, this mineral soothes feelings of anger and sadness.

The stone of Amethyst aspires to the calm. It is ideal for activities that require strong mental concentration. Worn as a bracelet during a meditation session, Amethyst helps the mind to focus on the essential. It also works for staying focused while working or coming up with new ideas. This stone helps with creation.

For people prone to depression and dark thoughts, Amethyst releases negative thoughts. Still with this calming virtue, the stone takes the mind to relaxation and leaves problems behind. In contact with the skin, Amethyst transmits its energy directly. It is a stone that can also help with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

The power of Amethyst stone

Amethyst acts mainly on the coronal chakra, the one of wisdom and altruism. It is the seventh chakra. By bringing to the mental calm, the stone of Amethyst guides the opening of this chakra. Placed on the top of the skull, it influences our hormonal functions and releases serotonin. This hormone allows us to calm stress and to increase positive thoughts. In case of bad manipulations of the seventh chakra, feelings of fear and violence can appear. Amethyst can help to stabilize these feelings.

This violet quartz is also used to stimulate the third eye chakra. By placing the stone between the eyebrows, its energies open to higher vibrations. This chakra is the chakra of the imagination. When in contact with Amethyst, mental barriers fall and innovative ideas come to us. Once activated, this chakra helps to focus the mind on the essential.

Which stones to combine with Amethyst?

Stones transmit energies that act on the body and mind. But not all stones have the same energies. This is why it is important to know your stones well. Like the moonstone, the amethyst is a spiritual stone. Worn together, their virtues multiply. Intuition develops more quickly and the mind focuses on the essential.

Stones with similar colors release the same benefits. Kunzite for example, with its transparent purple color, combines perfectly with Amethyst. Together they develop creativity and calm the mind. Purple is the symbol of reverie and spirituality.

How to clean and recharge Amethyst stone?

In its natural state, a stone purifies and recharges itself. But when worn as a jewel or used as a rough stone, it is necessary to think about cleaning and recharging the stone. To clean the Amethyst, it is necessary to leave it for at least three hours in spring water.

Demineralized or slightly salted water can also work, but you should never use tap water. After this long purifying water bath, the stone is dried and the water should not be used again.

The stones lose their negative energies through the purification on a tree of life pattern. They must now be recharged with good vibrations. To recharge Amethyst, moonlight is very effective. Full moonlight is ideal for this stone. Sunlight, on the other hand, may cause it to lose its color.