Fluorite Crystal

Fluorite is a stone with various colors, and with different virtues depending on the color chosen. Pink, green, blue, yellow... There is something for everyone! Discover all the virtues of this crystal in this article. 


Fluorite stone is a very old crystal which is reputed to be the most colorful of all. It reflects the entire chromatic spectrum. It is certainly for this reason that it has always been given many benefits. Lithotherapy has noted its notable effects on physical and psychological well-being. In ancient times, it was considered as the "third eye", bringing not only rationality, but also intuition.

It has seduced people of all times by the extreme beauty of its color codes and their incredible variety. In ancient times, it was already used as a decorative stone. The Greeks carved it to make vases called "vase Murrhins". Of all dimensions, they have a great value at the present time. In the Middle Ages, it was nicknamed "Flower of Ore".

It is the naturalist Carlo Antonio Galeani Napione who gave his name to this crystal in 1797. He named it after the Latin "fluere" which means "flow" or "flowing". This choice has certainly a link with the fact that this crystal has an extremely low melting point. Fluorite stone is the most important of all natural fluorides. It is found in veins associated with granitic rocks.

It is the richness of its coloring that has always made it a fascinating stone. This mineral had received other names before it was called Fluorite. It was called "Spatum vitreum" or "Calx fluorata". In industry and commerce, it is also called Spathfluor. It was William H. Bragg who identified its crystallographic structure by X-ray diffraction.


Fluorite is a semi-transparent stone, one of the most brilliant in existence. When it is perfectly pure, it has no coloring. It is the elements that promote pigmentation that give it its beautiful colors. Its most common colors are green, purple, blue or yellow.

Some specimens have bicolored and even multicolored bands. Some others are really exceptional and flatter the eye: they change coloration depending on the light. All these characteristics make it a very impressive mineral. Its name comes from the Latin verb "fluere" which means "to flow", like flowing water.

According to a contemporary legend, in France, the word "fluorescence" comes from the word "fluorite". This stone has many other names in France: bruiachite, flatted lime, chrome-fluorite, calcium fluorite, fluorite, fluorspar, fusible spar. Fluorite stone is essentially composed of calcium fluoride whose chemical formula is CaF2.

Fluorite generally contains traces of organic compounds. They are at the origin of the multiple tints and colored zones that one can observe on this natural mineral. Fluorite refers to the stone containing fluorite, the main ore of fluorine.

Fluorite stone, CaF2, is used to create many ornamental objects. But it is also used as a flux by steel manufacturers. It is an important chemical component in the manufacture of fiberglass and opal glass. Let's not forget that it is also used to produce hydrofluoric acid and derived fluorinated products such as aluminum fluoride. It is from it that aluminum metal is obtained. It is also used in the field of instrumental optics for its refractive and chromatic dispersion qualities, which are much better than those of known glasses.

Fluorite is found in deposits in granite mines and metamorphic rock mines, in association with metallic minerals: lead, zinc and silver sulfides. It is also found in association with barite, quartz or calcite. Fluorite crystals, of all sizes, are most often cubic in shape. If it is not cubic, one can find some of octahedral form (two pyramids reversed by the base). More than 9000 places in the world have fluorite deposits.

The world reserve amounts to 230 million tons. It is divided between South Africa which has about 41 million tons, Mexico which has 32 million tons and China which has 24 million tons. The world's largest producer is China, which until 2010 produced 3 million tons per year. Then come Mexico, Mongolia, Russia, South Africa, Spain and Namibia.


Fluorite stone is of great protection for the psyche. It provides intellectual clarity and ease of concentration. It reduces disorder and instability. It helps to reduce learning difficulties. It favors the improvement in learning. It helps to detoxify emotional overflow. It soothes fears and reduces stress.

It is a precious help for those who want to free themselves from psychological blockages, from feelings of stagnation and inertia. It helps to cast off the moorings. Of an often green tone, it gives confidence in the future. It relieves anger and is notoriously effective against states of sadness.

It is an ideal stone for meditation because it brings serenity and calmness. It reveals and helps to discern external influences. Fluorite stone is recommended in case of psychic manipulation or undesirable mental influences. It acts on the aura by stabilizing and purifying it. As a stone of well-being, it absorbs negative energies that cause stress, such as electromagnetic stress. It has a beneficial action on the harmony of the body by cleaning, purifying and dissipating all that is not harmonious.

Fluorite stone dissipates all forms of disorganization. It is, of all the crystals, the most effective in this matter. It favors impartiality. It allows to integrate spiritual energies, to increase intuition and concentration. It gives access to higher spiritual realities. It is a real gas pedal of spiritual awakening.

It has the capacity to connect the individual's mind to the universal thought and to weld groups around a common goal. It is therefore a stone of progress on different levels. Against chaos, fluorite structures and reorganizes daily life, the physical, emotional and mental bodies. It is a stone that brings to the surface all repressed feelings.

It gives access to the subconscious, thus offering the opportunity to resolve buried psychic conflicts. At the psychological level, it allows to question the anchored behaviors and to transform them. It increases self-confidence and intellectual dexterity.

At the mental level, it blurs disorders. It shakes up fixed ideas and allows to get out of narrow thoughts. It gives access to a much richer and more encompassing image of reality. Correlatively, it makes you get out of the illusion and makes you touch the truth. It is a great help when one has to find an idea or act in all impartiality and objectivity.


Fluorite is a stone with many virtues. It acts positively on neuropathy and bone problems by strengthening the bones. It has great powers on skin problems and many other skin disorders. It has an obvious healing power, it should be used to alleviate wounds.

It strengthens the venous system, the spleen and the teeth. It helps to reduce blood pressure and discomfort. It detoxifies the body. It strengthens the immune system which helps against the states of malaise. To each color its characteristics:

  • Green fluorite acts favorably on the mucous membranes, sinuses, against sensitivity disorders. To purify the aura and strengthen the immune system, it is precisely recommended to use green fluorite.
  • Violet fluorite increases the number of dreams that give access to the subconscious and speak symbolically to the consciousness. It is a stone of intuition, of great openness of mind.
  • Yellow fluorite inspires joy, lightness, euphoria of life. It galvanizes memory and intellectual qualities.
  • Blue fluorite clears the lungs, clears and lightens the breathing. A feeling of freshness invades you. A stone of expression and creativity, it makes tired eye problems disappear.
  • Pink fluorite soothes, it speaks to our heart, it breathes peace into the aura.
  • White fluorite has great spiritual and psychic opening powers. Very powerful, it opens the 6th and 7th chakra. It brings out extrasensory abilities, great sensitivity and the ability to interact with subtle energies. It is therefore necessary to handle it with great care. It can open the door to astral travel.