Tigers Eye Stone

A mysterious name and bewitching colors for this stone with many virtues. Worn by warriors and soldiers during battles, tiger's eye protects and brings strength and courage. You will learn through this reading the origin of the benefits of this stone and its numerous advantages on the body, soul and mind.

Tigers Eye Stone Benefits

  • Protects from negative energy
  • Helps to reduce stress
  • Favors positive thinking
  • Relieves joint pain
  • Promotes better digestion

Tigers Eye Stone History

During the Roman Empire, the tiger's eye stone was used by warriors and soldiers to protect themselves during battles. In addition to providing great protection, tiger's eye was said to increase their strength and courage tenfold.

Later, in the Middle Ages, the tiger's eye was worn as a tiger's eye pendant to ward off spells and ward off evil spirits. Beliefs attribute protective benefits to it, because as its name indicates, it resembles the eye of the tiger and thus protects from the evil eye.

Around the year 1800, the tiger's eye stone was discovered for the first time in South Africa. Everyone thought it was an extremely rare stone and therefore it was sold as a gemstone for a very high price.

In the early 20th century, more deposits were discovered in North Africa, causing a devaluation in the price of tiger's eye. It then became semi-precious.

Today, the tiger's eye stone is used extensively in crystal healing, but also in jewelry. We find the tiger eye mounted on jewelry such as tiger eye necklace, tiger eye bracelet, etc..

Tigers Eye Stone Origins and Composition

From its resemblance to the eyes of a tiger, tiger's eye stone was named for this reason, but also for its brown and yellow color. In ancient times, Mesopotamian civilizations called it Oculus Belus. Oculus meant eye, and Belus referred to Belus-Marduk, the god of fortune and the most powerful of all Babylonian gods.

From this information, we know that humans were already using the tiger's eye to promote good luck and protection over 5,000 years ago. During the period of antiquity, many stones called "eye" were present on the market.

Snake eye, cat eye, pig eye... All these stones strongly resembled the eyes of animals. But the tiger's eye did not yet exist because tigers were simply not known in Europe. That is why researchers believe that the tiger's eye comes straight from the East.

Tiger's eye belongs to the quartzite group. Resulting from the crocidolite, it is composed of dioxide of silicon. It contains quartz, amphibole and sometimes hematite. In nature, it comes from crocidolite crystals. The crocidolite was transformed into silica crystals while keeping its initial shape.

Tiger's eye has a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale and a density of 2.68. Translucent or opaque, tiger's eye stone is found in pegmatites and alkaline granites.

The main deposits of tiger's eye stone are located in Australia, Burma, China, Namibia, Brazil, the United States, India, Madagascar and Russia. The most abundant deposits are in South Africa and Sri Lanka.

Tigers Eye Properties

Mental Properties

In crystal healing, tigers eye is a stone of protection. It keeps away the negative energy on the one who wears it. This stone protects against all evil claims, against black magic or spells.

It favors perseverance, especially to achieve the goals we have set. It allows to draw in its own resources to demonstrate what we intend to do.

Tigers eye stone also acts as a mirror by giving consciousness to the one who wears it of his defects.

Tigers eye stone allows in crystal healing and to the healers to root their patients while allowing them to open and to reveal their intentions. It will install the notion of change in the body envelope.

On the mental level, tigers eye stone refocuses the energy and the thoughts to structure them, to give them a logic and coherence.

It allows to remove the uneasiness, even to attenuate the sadness and to support by this way the creativity of the being. The tiger's eye will also balance the emotional body by bringing energy and harmonizing the yin and the yang. If you wish to place a tiger's eye stone in your living room or bedroom for example, you will bring the ban on negativity to the place in question.

The tiger's eye will act as a barrier. In crystal healing, you can work with the tiger eye on the solar plexus chakra in particular for a spiritual anchoring. If you wish to harmonize the energy and these virtues in a place, choose the ball tiger eye which will offer you a global and homogeneous action. It is quite possible to wear a tiger eye pendant or a bracelet combining its dress code with the virtues of the tiger eye.

Like a boomerang, the tiger eye stone returns negative energies to its transmitter. It helps to take a step back and to question oneself when it is necessary.

It allows to be more attentive to its own desires. Associated with the sun, it reinforces self-confidence, courage, audacity, generosity and ambition. Moreover, it fights emotional blockages, which contributes to the good health of your relationships with friends, lovers and family.

This stone can also help you not to be influenced by others. It helps you make decisions that are fair, relevant and always in line with your values. By promoting serenity and optimism, the eye of tiger encourages you to push your limits and to overcome all your fears.

Physical Properties

The stone eye of tiger has many benefits for the body. It supports the good balance of the organs. It allows to reduce the intensity and the frequency of the headaches.

It is particularly beneficial for legs, knees, joints, and more broadly, for mobility. It is also known to regulate gastric acidity. As such, it facilitates digestion. Sometimes, it is stress and emotions that disturb the intestinal transit.

To remedy this problem, the tiger's eye harmonizes the whole digestive system and eliminates all tensions. The stone eye of tiger fights against the respiratory problems, the excess of tension and the blood pressure.

To fluidify the breathing, it favors the relaxation of the diaphragm. By strengthening the immune system, it effectively fights chronic fatigue and sleep disorders.

So, if you are going through a difficult period because you feel physically exhausted, tiger's eye is an ideal mineral to regain strength and vitality, while enjoying a powerful protection.

Spiritual Properties

On a spiritual level, the tiger's eye stone is associated with the solar plexus chakra. Also called Manipura in Sanskrit, the solar plexus chakra represents the energy of the sun, like the tiger's eye. When this chakra is open and balanced, it facilitates the digestion of food, thoughts and emotions.

In addition, it encourages decision making, self-esteem and self-confidence. This chakra defines your personality, awakens your instinct and improves your relationships with others. Conversely, when the solar plexus chakra is out of balance, it manifests itself in digestive problems, constant fatigue, lack of self-confidence, a tendency to be authoritarian and to abuse power.

Blockages in this chakra can also result in overwork and a tendency to be excessive with anything and everything. For example, consuming too much sugar or drinking too much coffee.

If you find yourself in these words, it may be time to do some work on your solar plexus chakra. To open it and make it shine, you can wear a tiger's eye stone on a daily basis, in the form of a bracelet, a pendant, a ring or earrings.

Indeed, wearing a protective and energizing stone such as the tiger's eye will push you to put aside your prejudices, your fears and your apprehensions about the world. Known for its energizing properties, this stone will allow you to become the best version of yourself, while protecting you from the negative energies that will try to get in your way.

Stones and materials to combine with Tigers Eye

In the world of jewelry, the tiger's eye stone is mounted on all kinds of metals: white, white, pink, yellow, silver, gold-plated or vermeil jewelry.

This stone is often used for costume jewelry because its brown shades blend well with both cold and warm tones. Accompanied by gold tones, tiger's eye looks luxurious and as majestic as a feline. Combined with silver materials, it is particularly elegant and mysterious.

Not all stones can be combined with each other. Some have calming effects, others are more energizing. Of course, if you associate contradictory energies together, you may not be able to enjoy all their benefits.

In this case, the tiger's eye stone is a very powerful stone that provides dynamism and protection to its wearer. To enhance its protective side, you can wear it with stones that have a similar energy such as black tourmaline, onyx and obsidian.

To accentuate the work on opening the solar plexus chakra, you can pair it with amber. The vibrations of the stone eye of tiger are so intense that it is generally advised to wear it alone. Otherwise, it may block the energy of other minerals.

In addition, this stone is so powerful that it is often self-sufficient. If you are looking for a mineral to boost your vitality, fighting spirit and mental strength, tiger's eye is probably the one you need.

How to clean and recharge Tigers Eye Stone?

The more time passes, the more your minerals are discharged. To preserve their energies and natural beauty, you must take the time to purify and recharge them regularly. Each stone must be purified and recharged in a specific way according to its chemical composition.

In the case of tiger's eye, purification can be done with water, salt, earth or incense. If you have never performed a purification ritual before, rest assured, it is a breeze. Immerse your tiger's eye stone in a container of distilled salt water for a few hours.

Always avoid tap water so as not to damage it and take care to wipe your jewel with a soft, clean cloth so as not to scratch it.

If you wear the tiger's eye daily, we advise you to clean it between two and four times a month, because this protective stone is very quickly charged with negative energies.

Naturally, it needs to be discharged and purified as often as possible in order not to lose its effectiveness.

After each purification ritual, you can take the opportunity to recharge your stone. To recharge your tiger's eye stone, you can place it for a few hours under the sun or the moon.

You can also place your stone on a cluster of quartz to increase its powers tenfold and optimize the recharging ritual.

Do not hesitate to expose your stone to natural light as soon as you feel a small drop in energy. The tiger's eye is a resistant stone that loves heat and brightness. Take care of it and the stone eye of tiger will protect you during long years.