Jasper Stone

Renowned in crystal healing for its protective virtues, Jasper is particularly appreciated for the beauty of its colors. Discover the different benefits of this stone on the body and the mind.

Jasper Stone Benefits

  • Eases the understanding of the others
  • Brings vitality to the body
  • Calms and relaxes the mind
  • Helps to keep feet on earth
  • Relieves headaches
  • Promotes good communication


From its Greek name "iaspis" and its Latin name "jaspidem", jasper stone means speckled stone. In prehistoric times, this stone was used to make tools. In France and for these purposes, we can find the jasper of Brittany or the jasper of Fontmaure.

In the Middle Ages, many Christians called the red jasper stone the "stone of martyrs" and used it to dramatize the crucifixion. Also, this stone has been used extensively for the design of cups, decoration of religious buildings and other religious ornaments.


Jasper stone is a relatively common stone that can be found in great abundance. Jasper can be of volcanic or sedimentary origin, it is essentially composed of more than 80% silica. It belongs to the group of monocrystalline quartz.

Quartz of metallic hue, the jasper stone loses its transparency completely by its dominant iron. The stalactites which are conferred to him can be only opaque. The jasper knows 2 possible formations:

Primary formation: Jasper of green color and jasper of red color
Secondary formation: All the other colors of Jasper
All colors are known and recognized. Numerous figures and shapes are also assigned to it, which can sometimes demonstrate certain difficulties in identifying it.

With its highly polished appearance, jasper stone can be recognized by this fact, especially because it is less vivid than many other stones. Jasper can be found in one color and it is in this state that it is purest. Bloodstone is the best known of all because it has a highly polished appearance, blending red and green, making a bright red mottled alloy.

The main deposits of jasper stone are found all over the world, but the best known are in Germany, Brazil, the United States, France, India, Madagascar and the Urals in Russia.


In crystal healing, jasper stone is recognized for its powerful powers. It would be endowed with magic powers and for these to act, it would be necessary to wear the jasper constantly on oneself in order to balance the sorrows, to develop one's own esteem and to develop oneself internally, to position oneself and to take one's place with the others, if only through communication.

Jasper stone can be worn through a red jasper pendant, or through beads that are in direct contact with the skin, such as a landscape jasper necklace or a red jasper bracelet. The jasper stone allows to work according to the different colors it offers and is directly linked to the colors of the chakras.

Jasper stone in crystal healing knows properties and virtues which can vary according to its color, namely:

  • Green jasper: It offers to the being who wears it the harmony and the balance.
  • The green jasper spotted red: It allows to relieve the sorrows of the heart and to overcome the passions.
  • Red jasper: It has an important energy, notably on the female sexuality (appeasement of the pains, stimulation of the organs). It allows the transit to work better by acting directly on the liver, the pancreas, the spleen and the stomach. It can also be worn by people prone to nervous crises.
  • Yellow jasper: It acts on the pancreas and on the liver just like the red jasper, and also acts on the urinary system.
  • Black jasper : Commonly called "Lydian", black jasper is a very protective stone.

Which stones to combine with Jasper?

Stones are like human beings. Some are made to get along, others are not. It depends on the energies that each stone possesses. By combining several compatible stones together, the benefits are reinforced.

Jasper is worn perfectly with a Tiger's eye stone. Stone of protection, it is used as talisman and against the evil eye. Associated with Jasper, it returns negative energies to their origin and favors a good relationship with oneself.

Black Tourmaline and Jasper are very good anchoring stones. They encourage rooting in order not to be hurt by judgments and malicious looks. Together, they allow a stability of the body and the spirit.

How to clean and recharge Jasper stone?

After use, you should unload the Jasper by cleaning the stone under hot running water. It is best to place the Jasper stone overnight in a container with hematite stones.

To recharge Jasper, place it with a rock crystal in a pot with soil. You can also put it on a windowsill to recharge in natural light.