Hematite Stone

Stone of anchoring and connection to the present moment, the stone of Hematite is highly appreciated in crystal healing. It is also synonymous with self-confidence. This intense black stone is an invitation to protect oneself and to calm one's own excesses. Discover its fascinating history and all its benefits on the body and mind.

Benefits Hematite Stone

  • Balances the body and the spirit
  • Reinforces self-confidence
  • Facilitates the communication
  • Regulates the blood flow
  • Keeps away bad energies

Hematite Etymology

The name Hematite comes from the Latin word "haematites" derived from the Greek "haima" which means blood. This reminder of blood comes from its intense and deep color. But other languages choose this nickname. Like bludstein in German or bloodstone in English.

Hematite is also often called "oligist". But you should not confuse them because the latter is the heliotrope. This stone has many other names such as anhydroferrite, hematitogelite or minaceous iron. For its high iron content, some people also call it iron stone.

History & origin of Hematite Stone

Before it was used to treat physical and psychic ailments, Hematite was used as a pigment for painting. In the Paleolithic era, homo-sapins crushed the stone to obtain a red powder. By mixing it with water or fat, they obtained a blood-colored texture. In the Chauvet cave, for example, we find reindeer and bison painted with Hematite. And these drawings date from 30,000 years ago!

In ancient Egypt, Hematite was recognized as having great healing properties. This gemstone could treat blood-related diseases and ward off evil spirits. Rich Egyptian women used it as a cosmetic product. Indeed, they made up their lips with the red powder of Hematite. In ancient times, the Greeks and Romans used Hematite as a remedy for spleen ailments. This stone was also an effective anti-poison against snake bites.

In the Middle Ages, the pigments of Hematite were used for the ornaments of gothic cathedrals and churches. In Europe, the Middle East and Central America, a reflective variety of Hematite was used as a mirror. Today, it is used to make decorative items and elegant jewelry. It is also used in cosmetics.

Originating in sedimentary and metamorphic rocks, Hematite has a rhombohedral structure. There are deposits in Italy, France, North America, South Africa, Russia, China, New Zealand, India and Liberia, among others. But the largest Hematite crystal discovered was in Brazil.

Hematite Stone Composition

The color of hematite often oscillates between black and red. But it can also tend towards silver-gray or brown. Very generally, it has reddish reflections.

Iron oxide in its own right, Hematite stone is composed of manganese, titanium and aluminum. From the Corundum-hematite family, Hematite is a solid stone. Its hardness is between 5 and 6 on the Mohs scale and its density is 5.3.

Properties of Hematite Stone

Physical properties

Toning, strengthening and purifying, Hematite is an excellent remedy against various physical pains. First of all, to treat blood-related ailments and circulatory disorders. As for example the hemorrhoids or the varicose veins. It is also the ideal stone to regulate blood pressure and purify the blood.

For centuries, we associate its intense red color with blood. That is why it helps to fight against the hemostatic action at the origin of the hemorrhages. Hematite also calms heavy periods.

Hematite stone has the power to alleviate migraines and symptoms of spasmophilia. For example anxiety or cramps. Among its benefits on the body, Hematite soothes eye disorders such as conjunctivitis and irritations. Rolling a Hematite stone on the forehead helps reduce migraines related to excessive screen time.

This mineral also acts directly on the organs. Hematite detoxifies the liver and promotes cell regeneration. In jewelry, it will for example accelerate healing in case of injury and optimize healing. Finally, Hematite is also used in crystal healing to strengthen vitality and improve sleep quality.

Psychic properties

One gives in easily to panic and lack of self-confidence. Thanks to the Hematite, we find the balance between body and mind. It is a stone that gives courage, willpower, strength and joy of living. It accompanies towards the independence and the surpassing of oneself.

Hematite has a strong capacity to reinforce energy and endurance. Thanks to it, one avoids agitation and mental tensions. In other words, it is a great ally to reduce stress and evacuate bad thoughts. Moreover, it is able to clean the aura and the negative waves which surround it. Hematite can also help to optimize the ability to listen and patience.

Its power thus helps to fight shyness. This stone is also much sought after against depression. It also has positive effects on angry individuals. It accompanies to use the surplus of energies in more positive actions.

The power of hematite

Located at the base of the spine, the root chakra is the first chakra. It allows us to be anchored to the world around us, and to keep a good balance. If this chakra becomes unbalanced, then a fear of lack invades the mind. Recurring nightmares can appear and upset your nights. Hematite allows us to stay present and aware of our real needs.

Source of vitality for the body, the sacral chakra can be balanced with a Hematite stone. Persistent physical problems such as urinary problems, sciatica or rheumatism can be signs of an unbalanced sacral chakra.

There is a frustration in the emotions and the body feels it. By placing a Hematite under the navel for several minutes a day, the body can regain its vitality. The harmony of the body and the spirit is restored naturally.

Which stones to combine with Hematite?

The power of Hematite helps to reinforce the effect of other stones. It has a calming and invigorating influence.

To obtain the best possible combinations with the Hematite stone, one must incorporate the energies of the four elements. Hematite represents the Earth, for its anchorage. Combining it with Clear Quartz for Air, Aquamarine for Water and Topaz for Fire, you will have a perfect combination.

Stones with the same colors often carry the same energy forces. Red Jasper and Hematite are a perfect pair. They give more energy to the body and bring to the mind a great capacity of organization. Nothing seems insurmountable anymore. The mind is more lucid and you know where to go.

How to clean and recharge Hematite?

When you buy your stone, you will have to cleanse it to eliminate the accumulated negative energies. Purification is also essential after some time of use.

There are different ways to cleanse Hematite. The simplest is to put it in a glass container for a few hours with distilled water or salt water. You can also clean it with the smoke of incense or white sage.

For recharging, exposure to sunlight or moonlight is the easiest solution. But you can also put it on a Quartz cluster or in an Amethyst geode. That is enough for Hematite to find all its energy and its incredible virtues.