Rhodonite is a protective stone that has fascinated jewelers for centuries with its beautiful pink color. A sacred mineral in Russia, this stone is famous for promoting love and balance. Discover the many other virtues of Rhodonite, on the body and mind.

Rhodonite Benefits

  • Favors reconciliations
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Reduces anxiety and stress
  • Relieves joint pain
  • Encourages self-confidence
  • Facilitates a peaceful sleep
  • Helps to combat negative thoughts

Rhodonite History

In ancient times, the rhodonite stone had a double function. On the one hand, it was an emotional symbol. Rhodonite was given as a gift to express friendship to another. In addition, the Greeks and Romans considered rhodonite a protective object.

During their travels, they wore it as an amulet to protect themselves from possible attacks by bandits. Moreover, according to works dating from the Renaissance, this mineral was already considered beneficial in the past. Rhodonite was reputed to bring joy, intelligence and memory. It was also used to preserve one's honor.

In Russia, where it was considered a fine stone, there was a particular craze for rhodonite. The craftsmen had developed a technique of mosaic which consisted in plating strips of this stone on various objects and jewelry.

Particularly appreciated, the rhodonite stone was used as an element of decoration and art. Even today, in Russian museums and in the palace of St. Petersburg, it is possible to admire columns, obelisks, vases, basins, statuettes and cups decorated with rhodonite.

This semi-precious stone was also used as a decorative material for more substantial objects. Thus, Tsar Alexander II - emperor from 1855 to 1881 and father of sixteen children born of different women - had the entire slab of the tomb of his wife, Maria Alexandrovna, built of rhodonite.

A single block of rhodonite weighing forty-nine tons was used to build this exceptional tomb, and sixteen years were spent finishing the sarcophagus, which was entirely polished by hand. It was not until 1906 that the seven-ton tomb was finally returned to the cathedral in St. Petersburg.

Rhodonite Origins and Composition

The name rhodonite comes from the Greek rhodon. This word means "rose". Rhodonite can have different names, such as buslamite, cummingtonite, hermannite, hydropite, kapnikite, mangan amphibol, manganolite, pink manganese, paisbergite or sesquimanganeous silicate, among others.

Rhodonite (whose chemical formula is MnSiO3) is a silicate of the pyroxenoid family. If this mineral is essentially composed of manganese and silicon, it can also contain iron, magnesium as well as calcium.

This stone can take on various aspects. Rhodonite appears either in the form of a prism or in the form of a tablet. In both cases, the crystals which constitute the stone present asperities. This is why its reticular system is said triclinic.

The color of the rhodonite is rather red, with different shades according to stones. Rhodonite can sometimes show a dark red luminescence. This mineral can be translucent, but it is rarely transparent because of its always slightly opaque luster.

Rhodonite is formed either by contact metasomatosis, or within metamorphic rocks, or within hydrothermal veins (so water is not contraindicated if you want to clean it). Rhodonite is obtained by mining manganese ores. However, it is a stone that is rarely found in its pure state. Most of the time, it is accompanied by other minerals. For example, in the United States, depending on the region, it may be associated with calcite and franklinite or galaxite and magnetite.

At Broken Hill in Australia, it is associated with galena and spessartine. In addition, each corner of the planet has a specific variety. For example, in the southern United States, we find fowlerite, a variety that is rich in calcium and zinc. In China, there is a type of rhodonite with a high calcium content, hsihutsunite. Rhodonite is found on all continents: Brazil, Russia, Sweden, Taiwan... It is even extracted in France. Rhodonite is present in the Vosges, in Haute-Garonne, in Ariège and in the Hautes-Pyrénées.

Rhodonite Properties

Mental Properties

Rhodonite is widely used in crystal healing, and this for several reasons. At the psychic and spiritual level, it has many benefits, notably in case of excessive fears and in love, on the emotional level.

For the most nervous, we recommend the use of the rhodonite to decrease the anxieties. It can be of great help during exam periods and in case of emotional overflow. Thanks to its calming function, rhodonite is particularly useful for teenagers, who are familiar with this kind of difficulty.

Teenage years are a real upheaval. In order to face with serenity the changes and the hazards of the life (the first heartbreaks, the uneasiness, the disputes with the close relations...), we need courage and endurance. Rhodonite is therefore a good ally. During this period filled with tests, rhodonite also makes it possible to stimulate learning and to manage the excesses of stress.

Moreover, rhodonite is a stone linked to the energy of the heart. It is therefore very popular with lovers. Within the couple, it allows to improve the relations, to reinforce the confidence and to bring peace. Rhodonite calms the possible jealousy of your partner. Thanks to its protective role, it brings tenderness and softness. By opening the mind of its wearer, it promotes loving relationships.

Rhodonite is ideal if you wish to spread positive energies within your couple, if you wish to facilitate the meeting of love or if you want to strengthen the bonds with your soul mate. Rhodonite is also healing and helps to overcome any emotional trauma from the past, whether it is the wounds of the soul or those of the body. Because it helps one understand that revenge is a self-destructive feeling, rhodonite promotes forgiveness.

It helps to release grudges and angers linked to the past, those which were internalized following heartaches, following vexations or provocations. To summarize, rhodonite helps to resolve conflicts, to heal wounds and to communicate in a constructive way in order to get out of a relational impasse. At the energetic level, rhodonite corresponds to water and the sun.

Physical Properties

On the physical level also, the benefits of rhodonite are multiple. This stone helps to stimulate the body and strengthen the immune system. Getting a rhodonite stone is therefore an effective means of prevention.

Moreover, as we have already mentioned above, rhodonite lowers stress by regulating the heart rate. Therefore, rhodonite is the perfect stone for individuals who are subject to forms of stress and the resulting physical consequences (muscle tension, skin reactions, digestive problems...).

Finally, rhodonite is highly recommended for its action on insect bites as well as on articular tensions. In a general way, it helps to feel better in its body. It reinforces the immune system and releases tensions. It protects the skin, the muscles and the joints. Thanks to its protective and soothing virtues, it brings you a pleasant feeling of serenity in everyday life.

Spiritual Properties

On a spiritual level, rhodonite stone is associated with the heart chakra. As the central point of the 7 chakras and the chest, the heart chakra establishes a connection between material and spiritual energies, between the earth and the cosmos. Its balance is essential so that the energies can circulate in all the chakras.

But the heart chakra is also the chakra of love, tenderness and sincerity. When it is open and healthy, this chakra promotes communication with loved ones, benevolence, trust, cooperation, joy of living and inner peace.

Often, blockages in the heart chakra are related to emotional wounds such as a breakup or the loss of a loved one. Following these painful events, your heart chakra closes and makes you sensitive, withdrawn, distrustful and intransigent.

You are afraid to trust, you do not dare to open your heart and you are constantly on guard. But rest assured, the heart chakra never stays closed permanently. To open it and make it shine, all you have to do is heal your emotional wounds. The practice of meditation and the use of soft and protective stones such as rhodonite are a first step towards healing and forgiveness.

Indeed, rhodonite can help you to let go, to open up to others, to receive and give love. If you can keep this chakra balanced, you will feel light.

Surrounded by your loved ones, you will be able to emit good energies of tenderness, comfort and compassion. Naturally, all this love and caring will only strengthen the bonds with your family, friends and spouse.

Stones and Materials to Combine with Rhodonite 

In the jewelry world, rhodonite is often set on cool materials such as silver, white gold or white gold. Light tones are ideal for highlighting the light pink hues of rhodonite. That said, it works equally well in yellow gold, rose gold or vermeil jewelry, especially when stained with black, gray or brown inclusions. The warm tones give it a sunny, luxurious and particularly elegant look.

In crystal healing, not all stones are compatible with each other. In this case, rhodonite is a soft stone that can only be combined with stones that are similar to it. To stimulate your creative spirit, you can wear it with carnelian.

To focus its action on the heart chakra, you can combine it with rose quartz or rose aventurine. And finally, to strengthen its protective side, you can wear it with a labradorite. All these stones deliver a relatively gentle energy that will not overpower the energy of rhodonite.

On the other hand, it is strongly discouraged to wear rhodonite with turquoise, malachite, emerald, onyx, black tourmaline or black obsidian. These stones are very powerful and tend to absorb the energy of others. Furthermore, their stimulating qualities are in total contrast to the soothing qualities of rhodonite.

How to clean and recharge Rhodonite

The more time passes, the more the energy of the rhodonite stone decreases. To preserve its natural beauty and original powers, you should remember to purify and recharge it as soon as you feel a drop in energy. Purification of rhodonite can be done with water, earth or incense. The simplest method is to soak your stone in a container of distilled or spring water for a few hours.

Do not use running tap water and do not add salt, as this could damage your jewelry prematurely. This purification ritual will remove all impurities and negative energies that have accumulated in your stone. Indeed, rhodonite is a protective stone that acts as a shield, so it needs regular maintenance to continue to offer you all its benefits.

Once purified, you can wipe your rhodonite stone with a soft, clean cloth before moving on to the recharging stage. To recharge it, simply place it under the sun for a few hours.

To optimize this ritual, you can put your stone on a mass of quartz or on a stone of amethyst. Indeed, white quartz and amethyst have the virtues of increasing the power of other minerals. Do this once or twice a month, and the rhodonite will offer you its protection for many years.