Rose Quartz Crystal

Considered the crystal of love for many centuries, Rose Quartz is popular all over the world. The beauty of its color makes this mineral a favorite of jewelers. But adorning jewelry and works of art is not its only use! Discover all the benefits of Rose Quartz on the body, heart and mind.

Rose Quartz Crystal Benefits

  • Brings love and self-confidence
  • Reduces ulcers and high blood pressure
  • Calms stress
  • Helps to reduce headaches
  • Regenerates the skin

Rose Quartz Crystal History

Rose quartz has always had an intimate relationship with love and the heart. Already in the Bronze Age, Middle Eastern civilizations praised the goddess of fertility, war and love with rose quartz: Astarte. These rituals and offerings have been carried on into antiquity.

Many civilizations have also used it, whether Carthaginians, Etruscans, Greeks, Hourrites, Mesopotamians, Phoenicians, Romans or Sumerians. According to Greek mythology, the rose quartz stone is said to have been created by Aphrodite.

While Adonis spent his time hunting, he was attacked by a boar that was neither more nor less than Ares, the official lover of Aphrodite. Aphrodite would then have quickly intervened in the bushes, except that they were full of brambles. Aphrodite then found her lover Adonis dead. From his blood appeared the rose quartz stone. The Greek people used this stone to acclaim the goddess of beauty and love: Aphrodite.

Later, in ancient Egypt, rose quartz stone was known for its physical properties, and more specifically to fight against aging. Rose quartz powder was used on the face to make masks and remove wrinkles. Rose quartz was also given as a gift at the time of death: a rose quartz stone was often placed in the tombs of noble families as a collector's stone.

The Egyptians also used this raw pink crystal to accelerate the healing process of the body and injuries. These beliefs also existed in ancient Rome. For the Greeks and Romans, the rose quartz stone came from Amor and Eros, the two gods of love. They would have brought it on Earth to spread love and peace. A symbol of peace and beauty, rose quartz was intended to eradicate human hatred and anger.

In the Muslim religion and among the Indians, rose quartz is associated with the maternal deity. On the border between Honduras and Guatemala, archaeologists have found a skull carved from rose quartz. According to legend, this skull is linked to the Mayan legend of the 13 skulls.

This legend tells that 13 skulls would have been transmitted by celestial creatures. All the skulls should be reunited so that great secrets are revealed to humanity. For the moment, they are all scattered in museums around the world.

Today, the rose quartz stone is used in various fields such as crystal healing, watchmaking and jewelry. Many jewelry items are made, such as rose quartz necklaces, rose quartz bracelets, rings, earrings, beads, etc.

In crystal healing, the rose quartz pendant is used to act directly on the heart chakra. Several families of pendants are proposed: drop pendants, heart pendants, but also pendants with more diverse shapes such as flat stones, pebbles, rolled stones, etc...

Rose Quartz Crystal Origins and Composition

The rose quartz stone comes from the word "quaterz" meaning "bad ore". Some hypotheses also evoke its name in reference to the German term "gewärz" meaning "germ" and "growth". It is not uncommon to see rose quartz also called: conite, azeztulite, dragonite, lodolite, konolite or azeztulite.

In the Middle Ages, the word "quartz" was used to describe absolutely all minerals, even if their origin and composition had nothing to do with quartz. It was not until the 16th century that a German scientist specified that quartz only refers to rock crystal and cannot therefore define all minerals.

A mineral species in its own right, quartz belongs to the silicate group. It is mainly composed of silicon dioxide. Like other quartz, rose quartz stone is found in large crystals that are both pink and translucent.

Its hardness is 7 on the Mohs scale and it is found regularly smudged, that is to say as a result of an assembly of similar crystals. Rose quartz crystallizes between 573 and 870°C. With a density of 2.65, rose quartz is a resistant stone and easy to work with in the jewelry world.

Visually, this pink stone inspires calm, softness and appeasement. Depending on the deposit, quartz can take on several shades of pink. Some stones are translucent, while others offer a particularly intense pink. Rose quartz gets its color from the inclusions of metal oxides, titanium, manganese and dumortierite that make it up. Rose quartz stone forms naturally in magmatic rocks such as pegmatites and hydrothermal springs.

In its natural state, it is found as sparkling, translucent crystals. In general, quartz is a very common mineral on the globe, accounting for 12% of the earth's crust and upper mantle. Today, rose quartz is imported from 2 main deposits located in India and Sri Lanka.

The most important deposit of pink quartz is in Brazil. However, it is possible to find it in smaller deposits in Madagascar, Southwest Africa and the United States. In terms of quality, the finest are generally found in Brazil and Madagascar.

Rose Quartz Properties 

Mental Properties

Rose quartz is a stone that brings peace, love and friendship. It helps those who wear it to forgive, but also to respect, both themselves and others. It accompanies people in a state of shock and promotes rapid healing, whether physical or moral. Recognized for its soothing virtues, the rose quartz stone can be placed in a living room such as the lounge, but also in a bedroom.

Love and calm will be reunited and tensions, if any, should ease and calm down. If rose quartz is accompanied by black tourmaline and placed in a bedroom, for example, the virtues will be multiplied tenfold and complementary since calm and quality of sleep will be brought. The nightmares should disappear.

The rose quartz stone is known to bring security, comfort and tenderness to its wearer. Ideal for children, this stone delivers a soft and maternal energy. If your child has trouble sleeping because he is too agitated, you can place a rose quartz stone in his room, under his pillow or under his bedside table to help him find calm and serenity.

Thanks to its vibrations, rose quartz helps to reduce stress, anxiety and all the negative feelings that disturb your mind. By promoting inner peace, this stone makes social relationships more pleasant and spontaneous. It makes it easier to open up to others and be a better listener. If you tend to be distrustful because of emotional wounds from the past, rose quartz can help you open your heart and trust again.

If you are heartbroken or suffering from anxiety attacks, this stone can also help you overcome these times of crisis with its comforting energy. It gently pushes you to regain control of your emotions and your life. Stone of love par excellence, it starts by promoting self-esteem, because it is essential to love oneself before being able to love someone else sincerely.

You will have understood it, the pink quartz stone is a stone intimately linked to love. It is often said to increase tenfold the qualities generally attributed to women, namely; tenderness, affection, benevolence, tolerance and attentive listening. By wearing rose quartz, even the darkest of hearts and the hardest of characters will find the wisdom to forgive, receive and give love.

Physical Properties

In crystal healing, the rose quartz stone helps to relieve lesions caused by fire. It stimulates the circulatory system at the optimal level and improves the quality of the skin. Like an elixir of youth, it limits the appearance of wrinkles and skin disorders.

On the physical level, rose quartz stone is known to regulate blood pressure and the endocrine system. It protects the lungs, the heart and the respiratory tract. It facilitates the elimination of toxins from the body through the adrenal glands and kidneys.

Worn daily, it fights against headaches, stress, fears and sleep disorders. Considered as the stone of Aphrodite, the rose quartz stone plays an important role on the hormonal level. According to this belief, it would be able to regulate the libido and to reinforce the sexual blooming.

Spiritual Properties

In crystal healing, the rose quartz stone represents love. This raw gem is directly connected to the 4th chakra, the heart chakra. Rose quartz represents the love of the world, but also tenderness. It is able to soften hard hearts and influences the pleasures and joys of love. The pains of the heart fade and fly away thanks to the rose quartz.

Located in the chest, the heart chakra is the center of the 7 chakras: the 3 spiritual chakras are above and the 3 physical chakras are below. In a way, the heart chakra establishes a subtle link between the material and spiritual energies.

When it is balanced, it allows to restore the balance of the energies that circulate in all the chakras. But its main role is to maintain self-love and emotional stability. When the heart chakra is blocked or unbalanced, it manifests itself in negative behaviors such as intransigence, withdrawal, fear of abandonment and emotional dependence.

Wearing a rose quartz stone near the heart chakra, as a necklace for example, allows to open it gently. If you can keep your heart chakra open, you will always feel confident, cooperative, sincere, joyful, and above all, at peace with yourself. You can also carry a pebble in your pocket, or even place it on your bedside table, it will have a full effect during the night.

Stones and Materials to combine with Rose Quartz

In the jewelry industry, the metals most often used to highlight the rose quartz stone are white gold, white gold and silver. Indeed, cool tones blend perfectly with the softness of rose quartz. That said, you can also find rose quartz mounted on yellow gold, rose gold or vermeil jewelry.

This gem is very often mounted in earrings, pendants, pearl bracelets, pearl necklaces and many other forms. The warm tones bring a sense of luxury and sophistication to this refined mineral. As for its compatibility with other stones, you must be careful not to mix conflicting energies.

Rose quartz is a stone that gives off a very soft energy. As such, it pairs very well with soothing and spiritual stones such as rhodoniteaventurine, amethyst, moonstone, labradorite and pink tourmaline. All these stones are known for their calming virtues in lithotherapy. Worn together, they spread positive energies and contribute to the good health of your relationships with friends, family and friends.

When worn as a pendant, it is not uncommon to see it in rolled or even rough form. When worn in bracelets or necklaces, rose quartz is often found in round or faceted beads. If it is in earrings or rings on silver or gold settings, this pink mineral is often found in cabochon form.

Rose quartz in its raw state brings out all the benefits of this stone, but also when it is polished. The quality of this stone goes from E to AAA like most stones, it is determined by its color, its variety or its origin (like Madagascar or Brazil which are two important exporters).

When it is in AAA quality, it is not uncommon to see rose quartz wedding rings, especially when they are set with small diamonds. It is also possible to see a ring / wedding band only with the stone, without diamond, ruby or other precious stones.

Raw or polished rose quartz stone should not be mixed with a small collection of powerful minerals whose energy would be too energizing. Turquoise, onyx, obsidian, ruby, amber and tiger's eye are a perfect example. These stones tend to take over and not let others express themselves. That's why we recommend wearing them alone or on different jewelry pieces that don't touch each other.

How to clean and recharge Rose Quartz Crystal?

Like all stones, rose quartz is depleted over time. To preserve its energy, its benefits and its natural beauty, you must remember to perform purification and recharging rituals on a regular basis.

To cleanse the impurities and eliminate the negative energies that have accumulated in your rose quartz stone, you can immerse it in a container of distilled salt water for a few hours. Always use spring water or distilled water, as running tap water can damage your minerals quite quickly.

For the more experienced, you can also perform this purification ritual with earth and incense. If you wear it often, don't hesitate to clean it at least once a week. Once purified, your rose quartz stone must be recharged to recover all its original powers.

To recharge it, it is enough to expose it a few hours under the rays of the sun or the moon. You can place your stone on a cluster of quartz or on an amethyst geode to optimize this ritual. Rose quartz is a soft but resistant stone. If you take care of it, it will offer you its soothing benefits and comforting energy for many years.