Sodalite is a stone of protection well known in lithotherapy. It symbolizes intelligence and understanding. It would allow to clarify the mind. It would cure the effects of hypertension and would stabilize the emotions. Do not hesitate to read this article to know more about Sodalite and its virtues.

Sodalite Benefits

  • Reduces ulcers and hypertension
  • Soothes stress
  • Eases breathing
  • Helps reduce headaches
  • Regenerate the skin

Sodalite History

Discovered in 1806, sodalite was described and analyzed by the Scottish physician and mineralogist Thomas Thomson (1773-1852) in 1811. The latter relied on extracts from Greenland. In 1891, sodalite was recognized as an ornamental stone.

More recently, after a diplomatic meeting in Canada, the wife of King George V, Mary de Teck (1867-1952) fell in love with sodalite. The Princess of Wales then ordered a very large quantity of sodalite for the United Kingdom, notably to complete her apartments at Marlborough House in London. The popularity of sodalite grew very strongly.

In 1975, synthetic sodalite appeared on the market. It is not uncommon for this stone to be confused with lapis lazuli stone, because of its many pyrite features. Today, sodalite is used extensively in jewelry and lithotherapy. The making of jewelry such as sodalite necklaces, sodalite bracelets or sodalite pendants is becoming more and more widespread thanks to the virtues of this stone.

Sodalite Origins and Composition

Sodalite stone owes its etymological name to the fusion of the terms "soda" for sodium and the Greek "lithos" meaning "stone". One could thus reintitle it "stone of sodium". Sodalite belongs to the group of silicates and is a mineral species in its own right. It is composed of sodium silicate with chlorine and aluminum. This composition is also found in the stone lapis lazuli.

Sodalite stone can be found both translucent and opaque. It is very rarely transparent. The colors that make it up can be pink, yellow, white, green and different variations of blue. Its dominant color remains the azure blue which is why it is confused with lapis lazuli. Its hardness varies between 5.5 and 6 on the Mohs scale.

The main deposits of sodalite stone are located in Afghanistan, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, the United States, France, Greenland, India, Italy, Namibia, Pakistan and South West Africa.

Sodalite Properties

In crystal healing, sodalite symbolizes understanding, both of ourselves and of the world. It also symbolizes the vision of new patterns and clarification on a mental level. Sodalite diminishes and de-rigidifies the mind of the being. It also helps to develop the cerebral environment whether in thought or logic.

Stone of humility, sodalite offers fidelity, but also courage. This stone will therefore stop fears and anxieties. It has similar virtues to the stone lapis lazuli, because of its chemical composition. This stone of protection in the professional field offers stability, self-control and logic.

Sodalite stone is used a lot in lithotherapy to develop the logic of the patient, but also to capture in a totally rational way the thought, so it also favors in this sense the mediumship.

The 6th and 7th chakras are favored in their reharmonization and realignment. It will stabilize the patient's emotions. If you are hypersensitive, sodalite is made for you and will accompany you in the channeling of this feeling. It is also known for its action towards blood pressure problems.

If your sodalite stone has white veins, then it will be even more apt to receive light and transmit it to your spirit. On the other hand, the darker parts will give you protection against negative energies. Sodalite greatly reduces fears, which will calm your mind and facilitate your communication and creativity.

Sodalite will also bring confidence, self-esteem, but also esteem of others. Solidarity is thus strongly developed thanks to the sodalite stone. It emits soothing and relaxing energies in its environment.

This stone is perfect to comfort people. If you place it in a room for example, your sleep should be soothed. If you place it in your office, sodalite will help you to concentrate.

Stones to combine with Sodalite

Sodalite can be associated with many different stones. It pairs very well with aquamarine or apatite, with their beautiful blue colors.

You can associate sodalite with amethyst, their properties being very close. This will increase the effectiveness of their mutual virtues.

Labradorite is also a good ally of sodalite, as they have certain physical and mineral characteristics in common.

How to clean and recharge Sodalite?

In order to properly purify your sodalite, it is advisable to use a flower of life. Place your sodalite stone on the flower of life for a few hours, in the sun if you can. Your stone will then be purified and recharged with energy.

If you do not have a fleur de vie, you can soak your sodalite in clear, mineralized water.

To clean it, use a slightly damp cloth and rub it very gently.